Company Profile

Giardini, parchi, verde pubblico e architetture green in Italia e all’estero: scopri i mille volti di Sgaravatti Landscaping & Garden Design

Sgaravatti Group continues the tradition of one of Italy’s most important and oldest companies in the green sector, operating successfully and continuously since 1820. It has a long-standing experience rooted in its original activity: plant production.

Today, Sgaravatti Group remains dedicated to cultivating and producing plants and lawns. Plants and flowers are grown in Sardinia, where the company owns 32 hectares of land, divided into 10 hectares of lawns, 3 hectares of greenhouses, and 19 hectares of nursery. Every year, Sgaravatti produces hundreds of thousands of plants, mostly typical species of the Mediterranean area, but also other varieties well adapted to the local pedoclimatic conditions, harmoniously integrating into the environment. The cultivation and selection of grass turfs and native Mediterranean species ensure excellent plant quality, reliable establishment, and robust growth, even for larger specimens.

Over the years, their experience in floriculture production has allowed the Group to develop advanced botanical skills and an in-depth understanding of each species under various pedoclimatic conditions and temperatures ranging from -20°C to +40°C. Through work in Italy and abroad, they have established collaborations with some of the world’s most renowned architects and landscapers, acquiring essential logistical capabilities for safe transportation of selected specimens. In the late ‘70s, in the United Arab Emirates, the company completed a large reforestation project in a desert area between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

This innovative project recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Currently, the Group can manage every stage of work, from plant cultivation to the design and implementation of green spaces. They collaborate with the most renowed floriculture producers in Europe and worldwide, forming strong connections. They produce and market ornamental plants through Sgaravatti Land, and execute global landscape projects through Sgaravatti Land, Sgaravatti Geo, and Green Land, where they also undertake public works. The Group distinguishes itself with its extensive expertise, ranging from botanical consultancy to the design of greenhouses and nurseries, as well as the design and implementation of irrigation and lighting systems. All of this is underscored by a careful control of water and energy consumption, aiming for increasingly green and sustainable solutions.