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Cultivating a great passion
Two centuries of knowledge, creativity and endeavor are the endowment of the company. Sgaravatti land, GreenLand, Sgaravatti Geo and Sgaravatti Garden, with their teams of expert agronomists, technicians, architects, and cultivators, provide our clients with work and professionalism.
The constant search for excellence in harmony with nature, applying state-of-the-art techniques to design and create exclusive spaces of unmistakable style, has always characterized the company's history.
We bring our knowledge also abroad creating great parks and gardens, cultivating the passion for green also beyond the borders.
For two hundred years we have cultivated millions of plants, created small gardens and imperial parks, revived the desert,  revegetated cliffs and scarps, sowed gardens and lawns, but above all we cultivated and spread the love for green.

Who we are

The Sgaravatti Group continues the tradition of one of the most important and ancient Italian companies in the field of greenery. It has worked successfully and continuously since 1820 and has been present in Sardinia for over 50 years.



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